©2005 Hibrid 8


curators: Theo Pelmus & Bogdan Pelmus


Hibrid ( theopelmus, bogdan pelmus, andrei ciubotaru)
Fusion ( octavian neagu, saskia nicklin, mariella brandusa)
Sursa ( bogdan pelmus, magdalena pelmus, florina nita)
Theodor Graur
Carmen & Gheorghe Rasovszky


The basic idea of this exhibition is communication among artists and groups who experiment using different mediums: installation art, film, performance and happening, photo and object.
It is a pilot project in which artistic groups from different countries try to collaborate and interact.
It is a home made pocket museum.
It is an extension of the exhibition The Onlooker/ The Sound Thief/ Reflected Studio which took place at HT003 Gallery, Bucharest, on 09. 06. 2005. Having in mind the idea of recharging the same object with different energy, the installation “atelier-cube” from HT003 Gallery is shown again, in a different gallery, CAMINUL ARTEI, Bucharest, and used in a different conceptual context.
In this exhibition you can see every group fusing one with the other. In this way we try to hybridize them. Maybe the result would be a monster or the beginning of a species a lot more immune to surrounding pollution.
The exhibition is based on the already classic idea that the artist becomes a curator and vice versa. The strongest point of this approach consists in breaking borders between one and the other. The information exchange is made on a horizontal scale. The idea of better than the other one disappears.
Every participant in this game leaves a sign/signal in the exhibition.
The exhibition is an answer to the question:

How can we communicate using a plastic knife?

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