7 ink jet prints , 136/89 cm
Magdalena & Bogdan Pelmus



“When we talk about people who have made history, we want to say that to some extent they have changed the course of life itself. But the man in the photo is beyond such dreamy dreams. He knows that man can not change anything, not even himself ” Henry Miller
The stages of evolution of humanity in general or of a society are stored in collective memory and updated by individuals. It is interesting to note to what extent individuals are influenced by this fact and accepts to be confused with a certain lifestyle, with a certain image, with a certain brand or trend, with this evolution and to what extent it is reflected in the individual’s free style Arbitrator, emotional investment.
Like animals, man can be domesticated, trained, deformed, manipulated, moulded to believe in various social / political “labels.” The rules that have gone through over time (or which exist) demonstrate this, that the power of persuasion works in the masses, and the masses in turn draw on other masses of people and create monstrosities or “more beautiful” say misses, depressions, paranoia, autism, maniacal grandeur etc.
Man can be trained very easily. On average, he can not dismantle the already written and ingrained history, he does not have the courage to question it. From here, that paradoxical inertia. Freedom is still a young concept, in formation, in the face that we need to deepen.

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