SURSA group since 2001



Magdalena Pelmuş Florina Nita Bogdan Pelmuş


* EXPERIMENTAL GROUP having the common exhibition room as a laboratory in which we create a common work in relation.
* SOURCE = tool-object; spot-detecting; definition-concept; the conclusion – the problem of objects of common use\which can create different personal or social-collective meanings.
* EACH part of the whole is SURSA, an origin, an element with a precise contour.
* SOURCE as the core and reason of your deeds.
* FUSION between structures, between individuals with clearly defined research directions, not imposed from outside, having no other coordinator than the author himself.
* RELAXATION of individual personality.
* SOURCE as an ideological basis.
* SOURCE = place where the place where it can be found, or where it is propagate something? the headquarters or the obedience of a thing.
* COMMUNICATION in the antechamber of each person, on the basis of personal conception, this enlarging the sphere of their own artistic and ideological preoccupations, by understanding the identity and belonging (to the group).
* EXIT FROM the isolation that excessive introspection imposes on the artist as a singular individual.
* SOURCE = body, system that emits sound, light, radiation and so on
* SOURCE = power generator.
* SOURCE = the place where information is emanating, a novelty.
* SOURCE = source, origin, origin.
* SOURCE = possibility of winning.
* SOURCE = field effect transistor electrode, which provides the majority of the load carriers.

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