interactive installation
print 180 cm x 240 cm
Playground (6’42’’)
Underpressure (5’ 08’’)
Magdalena & Bogdan Pelmus


“The human memory is registering and preserving information about all kinds of phenomenon and events as well as the entire gamut of experiences accessible on individual and communitarian level.”

The stages of humanity, roughly speaking, or of a society are being stocked in the collective memory and putted up to date by individuals. It is interesting to notice in what measure are the individuals influenced by this fact and how much are they accepting to merge with a certain pattern – image, with a certain brand or trend, with this evolution and in what measure the free will and the emotional investment are reflected in to their private living style (?).
In the same time, borrowing styles and consumerism are creating hybrids that lead us to a loss of a geographical area’s identity / memory.
Is the surrounding ambient result a product of several cumulated elements: society’s evolution, technology, globalization, geographical area, social condition, culture, aesthetical preferences, information’s accessibility, the desire of an alignment to certain today’s standards?
In what measure are the past, the present and the future reflected into these habitats?
Are we the 2000’s?

Copyright © Bogdan Pelmus 2018