Presley has just left the gallery.
The mission is secure.
Mission is not impossible.
The target is the artist.
If you look under each self-portrait, write:
Self-portrait: wanted dead or alive.
The critic is not a killer, he is just an aggressor.
His cloth is black because it has to be silent, invisible and without a portrait.
In vain looking at those portraits with those who entered the room.
The true robot portrait self-assembles itself in the mind of Theo artist from the newly established crime department.
He has been looking for a long time in the mirrors trying to recognize the fact
I.T.A. has coached many ninjas in order to liquidate the factual and they are still among us.
The hand that painted did not shake because of the lesions, but because of the reflexes in the mirror.
Conclusion One = the witnesses of defense are missing when it comes to robot portraits.
Conclusion two = ” … the night has thousands of eyes … ” says Edward G. Robinson in the film ” The Night Has Thousands of Eyes ”
Start-up …… # l #### l … masterslaveTEOTRON
…… l #### ll … masterslaveMEGATRON

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