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A recent study made by the association Children of the World Protected Inc., in U.S, shows a monstrous proportion of the juvenile violence face to normality. According to this study 96, 72% of the children have tendencies to become violent and 63, 58% are potential serial criminals, the rest of 37% being a serious danger not only for the society but for themselves too, the study showing that they have suicidal tendencies.
In the spring of 2007, a test was made on 100 subjects of different nationalities and from diverse social categories, with ages between 3 and 16. The test shows that 99, 82% of them are attracted to violent games and movies with violent content, dirty language, sexual scenes, guns, crimes, so on.
The monstrosity doesn’t stop here. Over 93% of them have had the wish to imitate what they have seen and more than 78% of them resorted to vandalism, 62% to verbal and physical abuse, street fights, 19% of them suicide and 13% to homicide. Those are real numbers that scare us.
Same kind of test was made twenty years ago, in 1987, and the numbers reveal us that then only 23% of the minor subjects had developed violent tendencies, from which only 2% had developed suicidal tendencies and 1, 02% criminal tendencies. From here we may say that children traumas made by society are strongest today then before.
Not longer than last year we were witnesses at numerous facts of vandalism and juvenile criminality over all continents. The juvenile criminality phenomenon is increased by the violence excessive promoted through: movies, games, family ignorance, mass media, playgrounds, schools.
A study ruled in 2004 on pupils showed that 2, 5% of 11-12 years pupils have had consumed marijuana at least once and 0, 4% heroine, 0, 3% ecstasy, 0, 2% cocaine and 0, 1% LSD. Constant consumers of marijuana had self declared 0, 1% and of cocaine also 0, 1%. Offences made by minors are increasing and diversifying in forms, this way being born new types of offences like the electronic kinds of. In 2005 from the amount of 59.105 charges, 11.400 were charging minors (and 2.188 were for violence). From the amount of charges on minors robbery is almost 80%, piratical offences 12%, physical violence 3, 59% and prostitution 0, 6 %.
In 2005 on national level were functioning 36 prisons from which only 2 for minors and young people, also 3 centers for readjustment and 6 hospitals penitentiaries. The number of convicted children was increased, in 2004, at 851(681 being in the penitentiary’s custody and 170 in the readjustment centers custody). The penitentiaries for adults have special sections, for minors, those holding the majority of the convicted minors.
“Knowing that in present the percentage is increasing threatening, we appeal to the mature ones, of those who have the power of information, of culture people and not in the last place of mass media to ask for your support fighting to erase violence and juvenile criminality. For this we ask to be interdicted the news, movies, games and any other kind of activity with a violent character. GAME OVER!” said today Jonathan Smash , president of the corporation Union for a Better Tomorrow , in a press conference that was taking place with the J3 summit for fighting against juvenile criminality.


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