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I woke up one morning and during breakfast I open the TV. I zap the 99 channels in order to achieve a global view of the world. The morning exercise of my right hand thumb gives me the satisfaction of an early morning cultural athlete. Zapping gives me the satisfaction of thinking that I’m a well-informed citizen of the world. I have so much to share and talk about with my colleagues when I go to work later in the daytime. Sipping my coffee- savouring my cigarettes and feeling so much ‘in’ and ‘with it’; creates in me euphoria. A euphoria which perhaps only Archimedes felt when he exclaimed “ Eureka!”. But I’m more personal than that… I found my new identity- I’m going glocal!


Project Description:


Global + Local = Glocal.


The word in itself is very glocal. Try yourself- find the translation in your own language. You’re in for a surprise! (except “strange” worlds such as e.g. Asiatic and Arabic countries- this word will not sound the same, but soon enough ‘glocal’ will be adapted in every culture as the word ‘mama’). It’s inutile to say how this project emerged. But you’re invited to participate in the project I’m Going Glocal!. A project in collaboration with artists from different cultures and consists of the technical help of new media: video, photo, and sound, digital. The reason why excluding other fields of art e.g. painting, sculpture and drawings lies in the reason to explore the ‘universe’ of mass-media which is perhaps becoming the alter ago of our existence. From Gutenberg- an irreversible spiritual and technical revolution started (see ‘Gutenberg Galaxy’ by M. McLuhan) and from then on it seems like that the face of the earth and the style of our living has been categorically reshaped. So let’s explore our glocal universe through the new media. Let’s speak with our ‘fellow citizens’ just like the president of the white house can speak with every citizen in each’n’every home of the world (just an example). Through the media we can all communicate with each other in no time. Have we become a glocal tribe? (see Global Village by M. McLuhan). The distinction between inner and outer space begins to shake now. The differences between being here or there are blurring, and borders are gradually being erased. The phenomena of being glocal ( e.g. European community, world community) is bearing its own responsibilities for growing the tendencies for feelings of national individual persona. Neither is there any claim to resolve those contradictions that have lead us here. But the search of identity seems aperture to launch a minimal phenomenology, a recognition of current cultural resources.


Yours Glocally,

Curator Octavian Neagu &
Saskia Te Nicklin


© Fusion group
Jan. 2006 Copenhagen-Dk

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