Theopelmus versus Bogdan Pelmus


hours: 10 pm – Romanian time + 3 pm Canadian time
LOADING OPEN LAB , Bucharest, Romania + PETITE MORT GALLERY , Ottawa , Canada


In 2006 La Petite Mort Gallery hosted the hotly debated performance Romanian Wound-Canadian Wound, where the artist was permanently branded with the 2 flags Romanian and Canadian. Not one to shy away from the prickly subject of displacement and belonging , Theopelmus will perform live with his artist-brother Bogdan Pelmus in Bucharest ,via web cam at the Closing party of the show Evolving Identity on March 31 at 3 pm(Canadian time).They will both walk on a white tightrope , doing their best not to fall off . It’s you who will decide if you watch 2 men facing each other or just one man facing a mirror.
“Being the same , being in the same space , being in the same time , if I ask my brother from Romania what time is it , I’ll be told that is 7 hours ahead . I never understood why has to be different time in different places. I thought that being able to speak with the other at a certain moment doesn’t affect the time. Once I have the opportunity to speak with him, I would aspect to be told that his watch and my watch run the same. I’m sure that it’s not a problem of time but one of broken watches.”

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