3.05. 2007



interacting project, video installation, drawings on paper, milk and honey, alkavit from Denmark and bier
Octavian Neagu
curators: Magdalena & Bogdan Pelmus
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Octavian is educated in Bucharest and Copenhagen, active in the field of artistic work, initiator of the contemporary art gallery Katharsis in Copenhagen, and of the collaborating projects between the 2 friends and European United countries: FUSION INTERNATIONAL & GLOCAL.
The artist will be omnipresent
Will be opened to the public
To small discussions, gossips, cheats (“smenuri”) and improvised shows of poor quality (“susanale”).
He will play theatre
He will be charming
He will self humiliate
He will be annoyed
He will enjoy
He will often go to piss
(because of a lot of biers)
He will make conversations only with the important people
He will stay away from the provocative people
He will be equidistant
He will die for influent, old and rich dames
He will talk with any politician no matter their color and in their language
He will prove sometimes rudeness and superiority
He will prove to be altruist to his colleagues whom didn’t become somebody
He will always be serene
He will be opened to Everyone no matter their religion, sex and political convictions
Courteous with the powerful ones
Authoritative with the ignorant ones
Guru with the followers
Hedonist with the hedonists
Sophist with the sophists, pessimist with the pessimists, liberal with the liberals
Communist with the communists
Democrat with the democrats
Sexual with the impotents, impotent with the delinquents, superior with the self-consciousness ones
Indifferent with the colleagues
Defiant with the bureaucrats
Tramp with the security’s people and a security man with the Machiavellians
Traitor with the pro Bush’s ones and LOVING WITH THE PHARMACISTS.



Copyright © Bogdan Pelmus 2018