1st Worldwide Apartment and Studio Biennale 2016


The effect of digital technology and interface-media on communication, image and sound is ineffective in exchanging of useful information, human connection or in rational and logical use of language and ideas. Communicating and disseminating major concepts (philosophical, artistic, theoretical, historical or political) through the ‘WorldWideWeb’ is a process of change from a humanistic rhetoric of the written word into a post-human rhetoric of the image. Communication is more an anthropological exchange of self-images than an exchange of semantics and significations. The new communication is based on the portrait mirroring of the interlocutors, on the facial movements and the symptomatic gestures, on the digital presence and not on their concepts and ideas.
The philosophy of object and theories of things are the new frame-works in which the importance of subject or the superiority of being compared to nature and products are relativized and deconstructed. The virtual space between object and subject is filled with imagination, future and fiction. Identity, culture, scholars becomes schizoid constructions from speculative values. We use to fill the gap between reality and self, between object and subject, between presence and appearance with mythology, self-culture, sacred rituals, opinions about universe and its origins. In this thin layer between outer image and inner image we put All we think is concrete. But, what if this thin layer is Nothing but a sensorial accident happened into the processes of communication?

COGE (Aurel Gheorghiu) (RO)


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This project is a part of 1st Worldwide Apartment and Studio Biennale.

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