video installation & performance
SURSA group (Magdalena Pelmus, Florina Nita, Bogdan Pelmus)


…. about a brain’s perversion…
Once upon a time and overlap on seven horses and on a way and at last on a saddle , etc….while the sheep were with some wolfs,…the wolfs were very in love and once it was like never more and THE FEAR (of small people ) doesn’t exist…A BRAIN on and inside a head.
….or about reflex! …
It’s a long, LONG TIME since THEN. The brain was diminishing so fast ,like the wind ,like the sun, whom although was slowly ,slowly shining, and then much slower like the water living it’s speedy flow to someplace, exactly ,just so exactly like the air inhaled by a HUMAN lung or a COW lung .
….or about returning…!
….and the head lived and grows in THICKNESS… …. … about that time it was born THE SAME another BRAIN.A brain EXACTLY the same like the one existing longtime ago. For the others, just EXACTLY the same, it was hard to believe how it was possible such MIRACLES (they say).
….or about still-hunting! …and just THE HUNTER stops watching when we were entering, without realizing, in to a hall, aside…
And he, THESAMEBRAIN, was growing and growing suddenly, very SUDDENLY quick! Together, I’m thinking, it was arising another small, old SMALL story .A story about everybody, just EVERYBODY, knew it will exist, because it was existing anyhow.
….or about mysteries! …
That was the entire problem (of geometry < > algebra).The result already exists. The world was a small result, living its result because it is believed to be resolved; it feels safe.
….or, better, about experience!…
THESAMEBRAIN was trying to talk and to be A GOOD FRIEND with them and yet …he fails. He knew and he completely realized that they were understood him, he feels them, he loves them, he cries about them and he waits for them.
….or about “this is a beginning of a good friendship”! …
THESAMEBRAIN and THEMATUREONE were seeing each other every DAY … but they don’t KNOW each other because he was THESAMEBRAIN and the other one THEMATUREONE and he was such LONELY as him.


(to be continued)

Copyright © Bogdan Pelmus 2018