action -slides-video
SURSA group (Magdalena Pelmus Florina Nita Bogdan Pelmus Razvan Alexandrescu)


      “A portion of a stretch, of an ensemble, of a whole, bounded by distinct features, of special circumstances, of a determined destination, and so on … “
      “Band frequency in which the oscillations have some common characters.”

SURSA presents, in this project, a synthesis of individual and group concerns, using slides and video projection media.
The projection has a direct perception character, bringing in static images with still moving images. By joining these images creates a ZONE.
The static presence of the object painting, which cannot be moved from the place, set in the exhibition, turns, through the slide show, into a movie, in an action.
The intent gets clearer, supporting the exterior paintings (street, nature, media) in the object paintings, which carry out the finite object process.

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